On The Waiting List

Well, as with most allotment sites, there is a waiting list. However, within my Parish Council there are 6 different allotment sites making up 143 individual allotments. The annual rent is due on the 1 January and if this is not received within 40 days then contract is terminated. Therefore, there is a high probability that there could be allotments available from the end of February.

I went onto the waiting list on the 30 September but unfortunately, I have no idea where I am on the list! It is just a case of waiting for the email to drop into the inbox, though I am not expecting anything until the new year.

This does create a little issue in that I am not sure what veg seed to start buying in or whether to start growing on plants over winter in the greenhouse and cold frames. My plan is the grow on what I can plant out in the back garden and if the allotment comes up early enough I can always grow more in before they need to go out.

That of course assumes that the plot is fit for planting straight away. I could inherit a dilapidated, over-grown allotment which need a lot of clearing. As my plan is to adopt a no dig strategy and much as possible, this will entail covering a lot of the ground with weed suppressant material. However, there is always the option to create some temporary raised beds directly over weeds covered with carboard and compost and plant straight into this.

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