Welcome to Plot 8B

Google Maps

Having been placed on the waiting list for an allotment on the 30 September 2021, the last thing I expected just 15 weeks later was this in an email from the Parish Council.

“I am pleased to inform you that Plot 8B has become available”

Having heard so many horror stories of 2-3 and sometimes up to 10 year waiting lists, I was absolutely ‘gob smacked’. And it got better – no waiting to make an appointment to view the plot.

“please take a look and let me know if you would be interested in renting by next Wednesday? Padlock code is ****”

The next day was a Saturday and despite heavy rain, I was determined to look at the plot and see if it was what I wanted.

Eventually, after working out from the few plots that had displayed numbers, I was able to find out which was Plot 8B. My initial thoughts were that the plot looked very sad and over grown but this was not helped by the pouring rain and low light on this dank and dreary Saturday morning.

Letting myself onto the plot, it became clear very quickly that the plot had not been out of cultivation for very long as the beds were still clearly visible and the grass/weeds lifted very easily. No don’t get me wrong, the whole plot was not in the same condition, parts were in a very bad way.

At the far end of the plot was a good sized shed in very good condition, it even had the key in the lock. Once inside it was found to be in a good, clean condition, at least I would have somewhere to store my gear.

In the corner of the plot was a large commercial water butt which appears to be mains fed in addition to 2 ad-hoc butts used to capture the shed run-off. Thankfully, the cost of the water is include in the rent.

I knew the weather forecast was better on the Sunday, so decided to call it a day and go home and start planning.

Sunday morning and I was back on the plot with note pad, tape measure and a beautiful warm, cloudless, sunny day. I had already used google earth to map out a rough idea of what the plot had originally looked like and was surprised how clearly they stood out in the low angled light.

On the Saturday, I had noticed three heavily overgrown areas but had not investigated further. To my pleasant surprise I found an 8m long trellis with Blackberries which had not been tended to for a couple of years. There was a small fruit cage with a couple of very overgrown Raspberry bushes and at the back of the site, an overgrown composting area.

Both the Blackberries and Raspberries needed a severe hair-cut and general tidy up and the composting area was just covered with overgrown ferns.

Time to investigate the beds and see if anything had been left.

Apart from a single Chard plant and a few Leaks, there was very little there apart from some very tall feathered, browned branches which had got me very excited. With the aid of the SmartPlant App, I was able to identify and entire bed of mature Asparagus! Something I had always wanted but the thought of 2-3 years waiting to crop had put me off.

So all in all, I was happy with the plot. There is a lot of work to do but most of it appears to be superficial. It is now time to wait for the signing of the agreement, paying the years rent and start the planning process. More of that later.

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