Week 2

I am now starting to get an idea of how I want to progress. I must admit, I was having nightmares after I first visited the site. There seemed so much to do, and I hadn’t really got a clear plan. I knew it was going to take time but wasn’t sure just how much.

The work I managed during week 1, which only amounted to about 3 hours of work, made me realise that this was very much achievable and it also gave me a clearer focus. I was starting to get to know the site better and what could and could not be achieved easily.

This week’s tasks were to clear the raspberries, sort the asparagus bed and tidy up all the rubbish.

Raspberry Removal

So, the next challenge was to clear away the very old and overgrown raspberry bushes. They were ‘plonked’ in the centre of the plot and were an absolute eyesore. They were an example of years of neglect and had to go. I was just waiting for the arrival of some loppers to make the job easier.

Wednesday morning armed with loppers and a head full of cold, I headed up to do battle with the raspberries. I did not have much time as I had promised my wife, I would take her out for lunch. Fortunately, the loppers made very quick work of the raspberries and within an hour all was cleared.

All that was left was to clear up the site and burn the rubbish and cutting. Job for next time.

Clearence and Bonfire.

Saturday was a bright sunny day with a nice westerly wind, ideal for lighting a bonfire (smoke goes into the woods and away from houses and the railway line). The aim of today was to clear up all the bramble, ferns and other rubbish that I had cut over the past 2 weeks and burn it all.

After a couple of hours, most of the rubbish had been burnt and I was able to focus on other things. The plot had originally been laid out to 6 long beds running from the footpath to the boundary fence. These had been seen clearly on the aerial photo and could be vaguely seen on the ground.

One of them appeared to have some dead grass laid over it so I grabbed the rake and started pulling away at this grass. Within 5 minutes I had cleared the complete bed leaving just a few tuffs of stubborn grass behind. Hopefully, many of the other beds will be the same.

There are two jobs that I want to tackle next.

As you enter the plot the ground to the left is overgrown with brambles, ferns and grass. These need clearing all the way up to the, already removed, blackberry bushes so that I can clearly define the footpath and plot boundary. Once cleared, this area will be covered the weed control fabric until I know what I am going to do with it.

The second job is to continue clearing the old beds and getting them ready for planting. Now this will not all happen this coming week, but it will be my focus for the coming weeks.

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