Campingaz Camp’Bistro 2 Stove

As a very much outdoors kind of person, I have always had a used a portable gas stove of some sort or other. The current one that lives in my rucksack is a Jetboil Flash 2 which is incredibly light weight and a fast boiler. The downside to this stove is that it resides in my rucksack and I wanted a stove to leave in the allotment shed. Additionally, I am trying not to keep high value items on the plot and this stove cost £110.

I was therefore looking around for a decent stove at an affordable price which would not upset me too much if it got nicked! I asked around on Twitter and Instagram but had very little fed back. The only ones that were recommended were the classic campingaz bleuet or the campingaz single ring burner.

Following extensive research on the ‘net’, I eliminated the campingaz bleuet on the grounds of cost. I could not believe how much this product had risen in costs over the years compared to other comparable stoves.

There is a plethora of single ring stoves available online and they all look exactly the same except for the branding. This immediately suggests that they are made on mass in China, exported worldwide and rebranded. They do however, have very mixed revues with many negative comments.

However, it was a single ringer burner that I was after, so I decided to go with the Campingaz Camp’Bistro 2 burner. The burner is sold by several companies but the one I chose was from Fishing Republic as they had the best deal at the time (£15 for the stove and £10 for-pack of gas cannisters)

Product Specification:

  • Operates off a Campingaz CP 250 cartridge
  • Large enamelled pan support
  • Piezo ignition
  • Power: 2,200W
  • Carry case included

Some of the horror stories that appeared in various reviews suggested the gas cannister did not fit and the cover could not be closed. The 4 pan supports on top of the stove melted! Armed with this information, I was not expecting wonderful things. But, I also had not spent a fortune on the cooker.


When the stove arrived, I read the short but fairly clear instructions and installed the gas cannister. I found that it fitted perfectly, providing you followed the instructions and installed it correctly! Once the gas cannister was installed, I closed the lid with no problems at all.

Some reviewers seemed to be confused with the lock/unlock lever believing this was for the lid. It is not! It is to lock and unlock the gas cannister. The lid is not designed to lock, just close over the gas cannister, which mine does perfectly.

The stove is lit by rotating the knob to max where a piezo electric quartz spark ignites the stove. Once the stove is lit, just let go of the knob and the ignition sequence stops and the stove burns at maximum. The temperature of the stove is adjusted by the knob, turning it clockwise towards Minimum to reduce the flame and ultimately, turn the gas off.

I have now used the stove on numerous occasions for boiling hot water and cooking and have experience absolutely, no issues at all. The stove performs very well, and it is easy to change the gas cannister. There is no sign, whatsoever of the four pan supports melting or distorting, as previously reported.

The only downside is that when the gas cannister is locked into the stove it will not fit back into the carry case. This may actually be a very good idea to prevent the stove being stored with the gas cannister installed.

For its price, this is an excellent little stove and is ideal for brewing up fresh tea or coffee on the allotment or maybe even frying breakfast or heating water for the ubiquitous ‘pot noddle/rice/pasta’ (many brands available!). I would suggest it is a must for every allotment with a storage area.

Disclaimer: I purchased the Campingaz Camp’Bistro 2 Stove myself for the purposes of this review. I have received no renumeration from the manufacturer or supplier. All opinions are my own.


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