Enviro Mesh Cage

Enviro Mesh Cage

Late last year we purchased a new bed base for ourselves. The question was, what to do with the old one? We knew that there was a break in one of the timbers but I was sure the rest could be put to some use. I recall seeing a YouTube vlog by Jessie @ Plot 37 about how she repurposed an old bed base into two enviro mesh cages.

As with most double, queen, king sized beds, the base comes in two halves. Now of course if you wished you could strip off all the cloth and cardboard that covers the timber frame and just cover with environ mesh. You will then have a 2m x 1m (approx) environ mesh cage. However, to allow more flexibility and to be able to carry it to the plot I planned to cut each in half to make each cage 1m x 1m.

The first task is to remove all the fabric that covers the frame and the thick layer of cardboard that forms the top of the base. Once this is done, I had to methodically remove all of the staples and make sure it was safe to handle. With all the staples removed it was just a simple task of cutting each base section in half.

As I stated earlier, I knew that there was one broken timber, which meant that I could make 3 boxes. This actually proved to be useful as I needed some extra timber lengths to form complete boxes. With the cages now cut to size it was just a case of carry each one in turn up to the allotment.

I had purchased a 10m x 2.5m fine mesh insect protection net from Amazon for about £16 and this was to be stapled to the frame.

The assembly was fairly straight forward once the enviro mesh had been cut to fit each frame. Allow enough for a turn back at each edge where the mesh will be stapled to the frame. This will add the security of the fabric and stop it being easily torn.

Once the mesh has been securely stapled to the frame, fold back the loose material at each corner and staple back onto itself. Once complete, carefully trim off all of the excess material and the cage is ready for using on the bed to cover the carrots and protect them against carrot root fly. The cages could also be used to protect onions, shallots and garlic against allium leaf miner.

This is an excellent way of up cycling an old bed frame and probably took no longer than a couple of hours to produce.

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