May Day Weekend

One of the consequences of a late Easter is that we end up with several Bank Holidays in quick succession. This week is the May Day Holiday (Monday 2 May) and is the start of my 2 week holiday and chances to get a lot more done in the garden and at the allotment. Fortunately, the Spring Bank Holiday has been moved out of May to the Thursday 2 June as part of the Queens Platinum Jubilee weekend.

The discovery behind the shed at the allotment of several sections of gutter got me thinking about getting a water supply to the 1000 Litre water tank. If my calculations were correct, all I would need is a ‘joiner’, a ‘right-angle bend’ and a ‘downpipe adaptor’. The weight of the bend, I should be able to support on the fence.

Saturday 30 April – once the sections of guttering were cut to size the assembly was fairly straight forward and the new guttering was installed fairly quickly. It worked out that the right-angled bend was adjacent to the topmost wire of the boundary fence. Therefore, it was an easy job of using some scrap wire to wire lock the guttering to the fence.

The following day had been designated as a home day with the intention of hardening off plants for the allotment, potting on the tomatoes and moving them to an already over-crowded greenhouse and clearing away the propagators and propagation table from the spare room! This is the time of year where I am constantly juggling with plants and space.

Sunday 1 May – after almost 4 weeks of little or no rain, it started to rain. Not a lot but enough that I had to work under the patio umbrella to stay dry. I don’t think the water tank will have filled up but at least it is a start. The day was spent potting on Tomatoes into their final 10″ pots that is until I ran out of pots. Need to get some more from Wilco!

Managed to empty half of the greenhouse onto the hardening off tables – hopefully I can get these to the allotment later in the week. Spent the rest of the day planting out Foxgloves and Lupins, both sown from seed last year and hopefully will flower next year.

Monday 2 May – another garden day this time potting on some of the annuals such as Marigolds, Cosmos and Statice. Really need to get my cucumbers, peppers and chillies potted on but have run out of 5″ pots so some on order. On the plus side though I have chillies growing on the plants and I have more space in the spare bedroom as the propagators and propagation table have been put away.

So, for many it is back to work, however, for me I am off for the next two weeks. Unfortunatley, we will not be at the allotment every day! Apparently, there are other jobs that need doing at home like redecorating the bathroom and visiting the opticians – I have 50% vision in my right eye due to a cataract)!

However, there are also a lot of plants that need planting out and seeds that need to be sown, so will be spending as much time as possible at the allotment.

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