Week 26

The past three weeks have been very disruptive and have severely restricted the amount of time I could spend at the allotment and what I could do. So, I was determined to get this job done this weekend, I had hoped to have had it done a couple of weeks ago but that was never going to happen.

The first job of the day was to give a final strim to the polytunnel and deck area followed by a racking in preparation for the laying of the weed fabric. However, one other job was to reposition of water butt at the back of the shed. I had unearthed a couple of broken concrete fence post and these were going to serve as a support for the butt, this would at least elevate the tap above ground level!

All that is left to do is extend the downpipe to reach the butt however, with no rain forecast for some time, there is no rush. The long-term plan for this water butt is the serve as the reservoir for a trickle feed into the polytunnel next year. It will probably need raising a little higher which should not be too difficult.

Adjacent to the shed and larger water butt is the area where the sunken stagnant bath pond had been. One the bath had been lifted and moved, the area was levelled and cleared of most of the vegetation in preparation for turning into a relaxation and potting bench area with a table and chairs. Once levelled the weed fabric was laid and the long term plan is to cover with sand and lay paving slabs.

However, not all is as easy as it seems, whilst trying to drive a fabric peg in the ground, I encountered some resistance. On investigation I discovered the demon of this plot – another bl**dy carpet strip. I managed to pull this back with the aid of a mattock far enough to secure the fabric. The complete removal will be added to the growing list of jobs.

The patch behind the shed was relatively straight forward. I had already removed carpet, wire, plastic, metal, and glass previously and all that was required today was to strim and rake the area over. This finally prepared for the polytunnel, so hopefully I can start assembling the frame soon.

A quick visit was made on the Sunday to do some watering, strimming and plant out the Chinese cabbages. I did look at the beans and potatoes to see if they were close to harvest but decided to leave it at least another week. Thankfully, in the afternoon we did have some rain which may help but the Met Office has announced that this has been the driest July in the south-east since records began!

The one thing I did notice is the ever growing pile of rubbish at the entrance to my plot. I am going to have to get some large rubble bags and start getting this moved off site to the local tip. That also goes for the rubbish bin full of broken glass, this is a job for the bottle bank!

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