Originally from Devon, I spent my formative years in Somerset. I have lived all over the UK, including 20 years in Scotland, but have settled in the South Downs. I hold 2 BA’s in Geology & Archaeology and a Master’s Degree in Archaeology & Heritage.

I am Glyn Dodwell, walker, blogger and gardener.

I live in the heart of the South Downs National Park in a small bungalow with a paving slab back garden! I started growing veg and fruit in raised beds and containers but with retirement approaching, I applied for and got an allotment in my village.

I spent 30 years as an aviator in the RAF and the last 15 years in the retail and e-commerce industry. I have travelled and worked all over the world and yearn to settledown and enjoy my retirement which starts at the end of October 2022.

I grew up in a gardening family and wherever I have lived, I have tried to grow vegetables and flowers for my family. This has usually been thanks to containers and raised beds, but I need more space!