Week 4

I had great plans for this week however, I had not anticipated Storms Dudley, Eunice, and Franklin. I work 3 days a week and have Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday off. I try to spend either Tuesday or Wednesday and Saturday or Sunday at the allotment. Even then, for health reasons, I will only spend 2-3 hours.

The plan of action for the Tuesday/Wednesday visit was to finish clearing the strip that runs up the left side of the plot. This would involve a bit more grass/fern cutting and the digging up of the Bramble roots. I wanted to get weed fabric down on part of this strip soon as this is where I am going to reposition the compost bins.

16 February

The last of the grass and ferns were quickly cut back and cleared away. This uncovered a few more small bramble runners which will need digging up. However, it was the larger ‘parent’ bramble roots that I wanted to clear away today.

Armed with spade, I was very surprised how quickly these roots came up. I am fortunate that the soil is very loose which makes it easier to turn over and certainly easier to dig the roots out. In all five major root balls were removed from the ground plus numerous smaller ones.

There are still several small roots to dig up before I can lay the fabric down, but these can be done in between other jobs. All I have to do now is find time and get the right weather to set the bonfire again and get rid of the ever growing pile of weeds and brambles/roots.

Then it all went crazy

Through the evening and night of Wednesday and into Thursday, Storm Dudley worked its way through northern England and Scotland Yellow and Amber Met Office warnings and 60-80 mph winds. In its trail was a lot of damage but it was what was following it that was an even greater cause for concern – Storm Eunice.

Storm Eunice made landfall on Friday 18 February and ran across the south of Wales and England with a new national wind speed record of 122 mph. The Severn Estuary land areas and the south east of England were placed under a rare Red Warnings – danger to life! Two days later Storm Franklin battered its way across the UK.

This put pay to any work over the weekend other than to take a visit to the site on Saturday morning to carry out a damage inspection. I was very fortunate that my garden, greenhouse and shed at home came out totally undamaged as did the shed and the allotment. This was not the norm – hundreds if not thousands of greenhouses, polytunnels and sheds were totally destroyed across the UK.

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